Israel: Water-Wars! When Water is turned into a Weapon

If they really do that, they better be  ready to deal with Jupiter’s lightning hitting them back. Israel will never count on the diplomatic solutions. Israel is born with a deep negative force, to  move out of the way from necessary diplomatic communication, as it is not the goal. But they have to deal right now,  also with direct impact’s of Saturn and DragonTail.

This energy will be active till the end of 2015.

The delivering of this energy will be damaged diplomatic connections, correction of the allies, troubles at borders and of course, a shattered public image worldwide.

The US is learning right know, what it means to treat “friends” like enemies. Spy on them. Use them. Trick them.

Well, Israel will get there to and all this blind killing in the whole Middle East will bring serious consequences, Bad Karma. For all parties involved.

 Many countries and people will stand up against this and it will be  the Women’s (Jupiter) voices, that will be heard.


Legal opinion: Israel can cut off water, power to Gaza during conflict

Document states that imposing economic sanctions would be legal, that electricity is not a basic humanitarian need.

Palesitnian youth at refugee camp - AP
A Palestinian youth carries a container with drinking water at Shati refugee camp in Gaza City. / Photo by AP
By Jonathan Lis
Published 23:06 14.07.14
Israel is permitted to cut off water, fuel and electricity supplies to the Gaza Strip in response to hostile actions, according to a legal opinion submitted to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee yesterday, in preparation for a committee hearing scheduled for this morning.


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