USA: The battlefield expands and Obama is the Target from within

Update 16.09.:

If you can, leave the US:

Rache für Banken-Strafe:

Frankreich droht mit dem Ausstieg aus dem Dollar-System

Frankreich möchte offenbar seine Währungsreserven nicht mehr in US-Dollar halten. Nach Angaben des Notenbank-Chefs Christian Noyer ist die US-Währung risikoreich. Zuvor hatten die USA die BNP Paribas zu einer milliardenschweren Geldstrafe verurteilt. Die Bank hatte US-Sanktionen gebrochen und Geschäfte mit dem Iran, dem Sudan und Kuba betrieben.

Anti-Dollar Alliance Prepares Launch Of BRICS Bank

France ist kissing god-bye to the $$$. As will many other countries follow them.

Like I predicted, old allies fall apart and new ones will form. Friend turn to enemy and and enemy turn to friend. I told you, America will transform from a WorldPower to a 3-rd-Wold Country and no luck in the coming years, as Jupiter moved on, and left the US and it’s leaders behind.

Some special persons in the White House better get ready for the big fall. I told you, Jupiter’ s luck bringing potential is gone: left the USA and elected elite-slave(s). If you want to picture that with the astronomical alignment of the stars, this is the beginning of a huge fall. Saturn turns direct in these days and will FORCE, yes, force, a re-structure of many diseased governments on this planet. This re-structure will touch many diplomatic connections between certain countries. The spy-disaster of the USA will drag a load of consequences with it, concerning many other countries besides Germany. The damaged image of Obama (and  because of strong Obama-related rumors), as well as the damaged image of the USA and their shady/secret operations, spy actions, Mexican-Border-Transaction and Health Care System, as well as the secret military action all over the world, all this will come back now and hunt them. Karma-pay-day’s for Obama and the US. Of course, all those other countries/governments/secret services, those are involved in all this, will get theirs to. Rough times ahead. Especially for the USA.

“The three world’s richest persons unite against US Congress”. This is one more battlefield in this global war on the back of the “little people” all over the world. The motivation might not what you think and wish and hope for.

Once again, from me to you: watch out, who’s flag you are waving. Judge by the fillings, not the wrappings!

The American people will be good advised, to remember that the first and solid ground in life, suppose to be a healthy family and of course a happy mother. Nations security basics are always the family and the women acting as a mirror of a  nations “health” in general. Look how damaged and sick the families and the women are and you now how sick is a nation. A sick nation is easier to control, then a healthy one.

If America don’t watch out, the once peaceful waters will out of reach and that for a very long time.

Be happy, safe!

Your Astronomologer





Three world’s richest persons unite against US Congress

Three world's richest persons unite against US Congress

Three persons included in the list of the richest people of the world have united against the US Congress, which, in their opinion, had made a mess of the immigration reform, and published a joint column in The New York Times. “Americans deserve better than this,” the billionaires, who believe that Congress is not able to reach compromises and endangers citizens, write.

“The current stalemate – in which greater pride is attached to thwarting the opposition than to advancing the nation’s interests – is depressing to most Americans and virtually all of its business managers,” they write. According to Gates, Buffett and Adelson, the majority of Americans believe that it is in the interests of the country to create an immigration bill that would satisfy the interests of both migrants living in the United States and citizens of the country, but so far, the American policy fails on both fronts.

The billionaires note that they decided to speak out together, despite political differences: Gates and Buffett supported Obama, but Adelson spent almost $ 100 million in 2012 trying to prevent his re-election.

A separate column on the same topic for the Breitbart website was written by another famous American billionaire – Donald Trump. The businessman believes that the migration problem on the border with Mexico can be solved quickly. But, according to Trump, Obama proved that this problem was of no consequence to him. “A country that cannot protect its borders will not last long,” Trump emphasized.

US weakness ‘is right in the center of the White House’ – Former Vice President Cheney

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney stated that the weakness due to which US influence in the international arena decreases “is right in the center of the White House,” reports Fox News. Dick Cheney stated on Wednesday that he believes President Obama is a “very, very weak president.”

It seems to him that Obama doesn’t completely understand the current obligations that the US has in the world.

Cheney also claimed that he has spoken with many people in the Middle East and those people have doubt in Obama’s actions. They also tend to think that his leadership has reduced American’s influence around the world.
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