Dead Bankers don’t Lie/Speak?

Ist das einer der Gründe, warum plötzlich so viele Banker sterben?

Dark Pools: Banken zocken mit dem Geld der Rentner

Banken beteiligen sich nicht nur an Schattenbanken, sie betreiben auch Schattenbörsen, die sogenannten „Dark Pools“. Davon betroffen sind offenbar auch Pensionsfonds, die allein in Großbritannien 600 Milliarden britische Pfund an Vermögen ausmachen, da Pensionsfonds auch in Aktien investieren. Nun ermittelt die New Yorker Staatsanwaltschaft.
…see, I told you there will be more of them:

Another JP Morgan Banker Dead

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(Joseph P. Farrell) Surprise surprise! There’s been yet another banker death, and once again, this victim is a JP Morgan banker. On this time, rather than jumping off buildings or in front of trains, the victim, 56 year old Ohio resident Joseph Giampapa, was struck by a hit and run driver while he was bicycling. But that’s not all. Here’s the report of the Columbus Dispatch:

Cyclist, 56, struck by minivan in Piqua

Notice anything peculiar about that singularly uninformative news article?

Well, you probably noticed, that since this blog is titled “Yet Another JP Morgan Banker Death”, that there was no mention of Mr. Giampapa’s connection to that bank, which is mighty strange, since there are indicators that he was a bankruptcy attorney and vice president for JP Morgan:

Joseph A. Giampapa – Lawyer Profile

All of these “non-newsy” items, you’ll note, were conveniently left unmentioned in the local newspaper notice. 

Now, I learned about the story from a website that calls itself “Hang the Bankers”, which seems to me to be teleologically, if nor morally, dubious. After all, why hang the bankers, if they’re doing such a splendid job of “wet work” on each other themselves? All we have to do is sit and wait. But anyway, here’s the article

JP Morgan Bankruptcy lawyer killed in hit and run

Now, this little article was interesting, so I decided to click the links in it. Some worked, a couple didn’t, but here’s one that did, and when I read it’s context, I felt that kind of chilly nausea that one has when one’s “worst suspicions” had another slight indicator of corroboration:


30+ Dead bankers and who is killing them ?

Published on Apr 24, 2014

30+ Dead bankers and who is killing them ?30th Banker Dead!

Copy Post from other banker thread


April – Juergen Frick Bank Frick & Co. AG – Shot

April – Jan Peter Schmittmann former CEO of Dutch Bank ABN Amro (Possibly suicide. Gunshot wounds)

Andrew Jarzyk – Assistant Vice President, Commercial Banking at PNC Financial Services Group MISSING

March – Kenneth Bellandro, former JP Morgan, – Suicide

Feb John Ruiz – Morgan Stanley Municipal Debt Analyst, died suddenly – no cause given

Feb – Jason Alan Salais, Information Technology specialist at JPMorgan found dead outside a Walgreens pharmacy.

Feb – James Stuart Jr, Former National Bank of Commerce CEO, found dead

10 – Edmund (Eddie) Reilly, trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group -suicide

Li Junjie, JP Morgan .

Ryan Henry Crane

Feb – Richard Talley Unknown cause

Jan – Gabriel Magee

Jan – William ‘Bill’ Broeksmit

Mike Dueker.

Jan – Carl Slym

jan Tim Dickenson

Nov 2013 Patrick Sheehan Car accident

Dec 2013 Benjamin Idim Car accident

Dec 2013 Susan Hewitt – Deutsche Bank – Accidental Drowning

Nov 2013 Michael Anthony Turner, Career Banker – cause not confirmed

Oct 2013 Michael Burdin, suicide

October 2013 Ezdehar Husainat – former JP Morgan banker killed in freak accident when her SUV crushed her to death

Sept 2013 Guy Ratovondrahona -Madagascar central bank – Sudden death – cause not confirmed

Aug, 2013 Pierre Wauthier, -suicide

Aug 2013 Moritz Erhardt -suicide

July 2013 Hussain Najadi CEO of merchant bank AIAK Group – Assassination

July 2013 Carsten Schloter, suicide.

July 2013 Sascha Schornstein – RBS in its commodity finance -Missing

April 2013 David William Waygood suicide


Nick Bagnall Director at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi – Son accidentally killed himself while trying to re-enact a Tudor hanging,

Robin Clark – RP Martin -Wolf of Shenfield City banker shot -SURVIVED

Kevin Bespolka Citi Capital Advisors, Dresdner Bank, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Seriously injured and Son Dead

Robert Wheeler, 49, a Deutsche Bank financial advisor, DISGRACED

Chris Latham (Bank of America) ON TRIAL – Murder for Hire

Igor Artamonov, West Siberian Bank of Sberbank – Daughter found dead (Possible suicide)


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