May: 23-24.05.: Possible new meteor shower in the sky! Will a Leader fall?

Will Comet LINEAR produce a new major meteor shower in 2014?

On the night of May 23-24, 2014 – if predictions hold true – Earth might be sandblasted with debris from Comet 209P/LINEAR, resulting in a fine new meteor shower!

The list of major meteor showers hasn’t changed much in recent decades, but it has changed a little. Meteor showers are part of nature, after all, and the list of major showers shifts and changes slightly, as all things in nature do, with one shower or another becoming more or less exciting as the years pass. In 2014, though, an exciting new meteor shower might come on the scene. This possible shower stems from a comet – Comet 209P/LINEAR – discovered in 2004. Comet 209P/LINEAR passed near the sun in 2009 and will pass near it again in early May, 2014. On the night of May 23-24, 2014 – if the predictions hold true – Earth might be sandblasted with debris from this comet, resulting in a fine display of meteors, or shooting stars. Mid-northern North American latitudes are favored. Follow the links below to learn more about the possible 2014 meteor shower of Comet 209P/LINEAR.

In the constitution of Sparta it is written, that when a comet appears in the sky, a king (today it would be a leader) has ignored God’s laws and that meant: impeachment.

Interesting meetings, that take place on those dates with the cosmic events…

The Pope in Israel:
Israeli plane bearing Vatican logo to bring pope back to Rome after May visit
Boeing 777 to take Pope Francis home on special El Al flight after Pope Francis meets with Israeli and Palestinian officials.
By Haaretz | Apr. 16, 2014 | 11:53 AM

Pope Francis on Palm Sunday mass in St. Peter’s Square, the Vatican, April 13, 2014. Photo by AP

If you’ve ever flown out of Israel on one of El Al’s Boeing 777s, you’ll soon be able to claim that you’ve had the same experience as Pope Francis – though your flight probably didn’t have the Vatican logo on it, and if you flew economy class, you can be pretty sure that you didn’t get as much legroom.
“El Al, the national carrier of Israel, is proud to have been chosen to serve the pope and his entourage on this historic visit to Israel with a special flight to Rome following the pope’s visit,” said El Al CEO David Maimon. “We are making all the necessary arrangements to accommodate for this historic pilgrimage, including assigning a special crew of service personnel for the flight.”
Pope Francis’ trip to Israel in May, was, well, up in the air for a bit. The pope’s planned visit will be “complicated, and perhaps impossible,” Foreign Ministry official Yigal Palmor said in early March, citing the difficulties posed by a ministry strike that has since ended.
Later in March, the Vatican released its program for the papal trip to Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority on May 24-26, which will include meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders as well as Jewish, Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim religious leaders.



Third temple here? They are now building third temple. They will have to destroy the dome of the rock to finnish the third temple. World War 3 may come to finnish third temple – Spark That Could Ignite WW3 could be the third temple. The third temple is the only goal of the conspirators.




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