There is only one real sky up there and Astrology and Astronomy belongs together. 🙂

It is not about to fight one to the other. If you want peace on earth, it needs first peace in the sky. I, as an former “Astrologer” for many years, gave the science of Astronomy a chance. Tested it. Compared it. Worked with it – and under thousands of profiles I made, it was the proofen calculations of Astronomy that made the race and the most sense.
There is only one real sky up there and when things are different between live up there and some printed papers, as it is teachen by Astrology, then there is something very wrong. Astrology teaches you Saturn is in Scorpius,but when you go ouside and try to watch this – Saturn is in Libra and the cosmic energy of this combination takes place. The energy comes from the planets, not from the paper.
That is why it is called: Astronomology.
The other part is and yes the Astronomers are correct, the real sings up there have different sizes. Look up how huge Virgo or Pisces is, compared to Aries or Cancer. The Sun is said, moves around 30 days through one sign. But Sun doesn’t change speed!So how can it be, that she still takes the same time, even she travels different sizes of the signs…and this with all planets.
When Astrology changes – and it will come – and work with the scientific datas and calculations of Astronomy, it will be teached in Universities again.

To have a real Cardinal Grand Cross, it is the real planets up there, that need to transit through CARDINAL sings. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricornius. Which they don’t do in realtime, only on the paper from Astrology-software.I am sorry, but it is true and the Astronomers are right and it is only fair, to give them the credit for that.Wehn I was searching for help about the real calculations – also from Terra (isn’t it very odd and strange that our planet earth isn’t included in Astrology?) – it was
the kind help of an Astronomer, that the heaven sended me.

I know about the big fight between Astrologers and Astronomers. I, for myself, decided not to join this kind of star-wars.
That’s why I am an Astronomologer and bring the best of both sides peacefully togehter and work with the realtime -calculations of the planets for the real world.

Like for many other areas, it is also for “Astrology” a wake-up call, ringing through the universe and the higher powers are sending the cosmic broom through the Astrology here on Terra… 🙂

There is no Wisdom in a War.

Stay cool, be safe!


…there is no Wisdom in a War

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