Fukushima: One Hell on Earth

PRI’s The World, Mar. 11, 2014 — PBS Newshour science reporter Miles O’Brien: The overall impression I had was what an overwhelming – the magnitude of the mess is actually staggering. […] Each and every day 100,000 gallons of water becomes too toxic to allow to get into the sea. So Tepco is – it kind of reminds me of the cartoon Fantasia, the sorcerer’s apprentice – they’re building a tank there every other 250,000 gallon tank to capture this water and try to avoid it going into the Pacific. Unfortunately they’re not fully succeeding. […] There really is no easy solution to start cleaning up that mess, to start capturing that fuel. […] That is a task which is very difficult. No one has built a robot that can do that kind of work under that kind of circumstances. So we really don’t know how they’re going to clean it up at this point. >> Listen to the interview here

NBC’s Today Show
, Mar. 11, 2014 (at 5:30 in) — NBC: This story seems really important to you personally. Miles O’Brien: It is. It’s an ongoing crisis there. I think we all think it’s kind of over, but every day hundreds of thousands of gallons of water get contaminated at that site and they have to be tanked up, held there somehow — and some of it is leaking into the Pacific Ocean. The whole world needs to pay attention to this and help the Japanese as they try to clean that mess up.

Watch the Today Show interview here



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