LSD – Meat….

LSD-Tainted Meat Sickens FL. Family, A Throwback to CIA Experiment in France

Just recently, police in Tampa Bay reported an entire family had to be hospitalized after meat purchased from their local Walmart was found to contain LSD—a psychoactive drug that causes intense hallucinations. Though unrelated, a case from more than 50 years ago shows just how serious LSD-tainted foods can be, particularly when they are administered by the CIA.

The Morales family of Tampa Bay had eaten bottom round steak for dinner one night last week. One by one, they fell ill.

The father, Ronnie, was the first. His pregnant girlfriend took him to St. Joseph’s hospital. While there, she also became ill and was rushed across the street to St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, where she was induced and delivered her baby.

Both children in the house,7-year old Elyana and 6-year old Rayna, experienced hallucinations and felt sick. The kids and their father had to receive tracheal intubation while hospitalized.


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