Obama an the Stars:

Why I’m burning my last bridge with Obama


Obama is done soon. The full moon travels through his native moon now and the cosmic power reveal him more and more in the time ahead, how his nation is focusing on their president. The result will be, that many in his government will drop him, followers will leave.
Plus there are still alot of questions, still unanswered, about what really happened in Benghazi and the dirty secret actions done in Venezuela, Ukraine, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Syria and … and….
The stars will be not kind to him in the near future. There will be no escape from Saturn. He is there with him and he will take a close look to his words he said in the past and now, open or secretly. And Saturn will test, if he followed the man made laws and if his taxform is correct. Perhaps Saturn can also reveal some secrets about birth records. Saturn will be over his head till 2020. The same time the destructive nasty DragonTail is surfing through the world of global finances and bank-accounts,Religions, Sects, Illussion, element water and walking right into the arms of the transiting Uranus, be ready, be ready for the surprises, Barack Obama will deliever.
The dream is over.


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