This case is far from being over…there will emerge some more disturbing informations and facts soon…

Meredith Kercher killer freed from prison to study after serving just six years of his sentence

Because of the Italian legal system Guede is entitled to early release as he has served almost half his sentence – and has been a model prisoner with no incidents of misbehaviour during his time in prison, the Daily Mirror reports.

In a letter to his lawyer Walter Biscotti, he said: ‘I want to underline that the people who committed this terrible crime are still free and that the truth has still not emerged and that it will never be found, especially if people continue to listen to false testimony and liars.

‘All I have heard is lies and a distortion of the facts especially when it comes to my character. The judiciary must seek to establish the truth because that night I did not kill anyone and the people responsible for what happened that tragic night are still free.

‘The court still insists that I was guilty of sexual assault but I did not commit that crime and even the autopsy proves that. This is a painful episode for me and for Meredith’s family. I am seen as the ideal guilty person but  I had nothing to do with this.’

It will be very interesting to see the dark secrets well hidden inside this case, will come to light soon. ANOTHER person on the crime scene that was and is covered by lies of people involved in the satanic butchering of Meredith Kercher?


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