Europe-Dictatorship: EU To Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Unregistered Gardens

The U.S. has already seen its fair share of cases where backyard gardens and rain collectors are raided by SWAT teams, shut down through regulations and otherwise intimidated out of proliferation.

Now, official policies to support this kind of dominance by biotech, pesticide companies and other plays in big agribusiness are being pushed through in Europe, in this case by the European Commission through a truly bunk proposed law.

Arjun Walia, from, writes:

The European Commission is changing the European Union’s plant legislation, apparently to enhance food safety across the continent. This move has sparked a heavy opposition from many, saying that the measure will threaten seed diversity and favour large agrochemical businesses. This new law creates new powers to classify and regulate all plant life anywhere in Europe.

The “Plant Reproductive Material Law” regulates all plants. It contains restrictions on vegetables and woodland trees, as well as all other plants of any species. It will be illegal to grow, reproduce, or trade any vegetable seed or tree that has not been been tested and approved by the government, more specifically the “EU Plant Variety Agency.” […] The new law basically puts the government in charge of all plants and seeds in Europe, and prevents home gardeners from growing their own plants from non-regulated seeds. If they did, they would now be considered criminals.

If this takes root as law in Europe and elsewhere, it will contribute towards the total subjugation of the people to the undue powers granted to biotech and Big Agra.

Monsanto und Syngenta haben eine große Anzahl von P
atenten auf konventionell gezüchtetes
Gemüse wie Gurken, Tomaten, Paprika, Kürbisse und M
elonen angemeldet. Inzwischen sind etwa
100 Patentanträge bekannt, die den Bereich der konv
entionellen Gemüsezucht betreffen und zum
größten Teil in den Jahren von 2000 bis 2010 angeme
ldet wurden, mehrere sind bereits erteilt.

Leute  –  legt euch ein Saatgutlager an! Geht auf die Straßen!


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