Stay away from CA and USA – Time to leave California NOW.

Things are heating up, especially for CA/Yellowstone and the whole Ring of fire. When I analyze the stars, 2014 will be a year of the Vulcanoes. With Uranus on his current transit in the zodiac, it will often be the Vulcanoes, related to the Element water, that willbe affected. Meaning next to a ocean, under Ocean etc.

Current Vulcano activities:

Global developments based on vulcano erruptions:

Many experiences about vulcano erruptions, will change the scientific knowledge and there will be hidden secrets about their inner functions, coming to light. It will not stay a dream, one day science will be able to predict erruptions, as well as earthquakes.

I would not blame such signs on god. I am sure there is a logical explanation. Nature has a good  reason, why it is turning water red:

Hidden pattern of the stars/moon and nature, will be the teacher.

“As above, so below”…


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